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many faces of deven....

Okay I say this cause in every picture I see of Deven, she looks fucking different. Maybe its me. In my opinion, Deven has her very pretty moments which are with brown and dark brown hair. Blonde, Black, and whatever other color hair I think she's yucky as yuck and a yuckarooooo! lol. but her playboy pix were good and her dark long hair compliments her better. sooooooo yea.
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I agree. I like the Brown and Dark Brown much much better then the blonde(sickly) and the Black(to pale) pictures of her.

And ahahaha you have the picture of her when she was drunkkedd....That was a very funny picture.

I'd just like to know where you got all of your pics of Deven from?
My friend owner of her page Purity of Jonathan Davis. She's the owner of this community. Plus other ways. you can visit my site if you like thre all up, but my sites no where near done.
Thanks :)